How the Tunnel Annealing furnace work and its functions.

How the Tunnel furnace work and function.

The Tunnel Annealing furnace function is to heat the metal spares to a predetermined temperature, the appropriate insulation time after the slowly cooling of the metal heat treatment process.

Annealing furnace image
Tunnel Annealing furnace

Specific functions as below:

1. Improve or eliminate all kinds of structural defects and residual stresses caused by metal in the process of casting, forging, rolling and welding to prevent deformation and cracking of the workpiece.

2. Soften the workpiece for machining.

3. Refine the spares and improve the structure to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece.

4. Preparation for subsequent heat treatment (quenching, tempering).

How the Tunnel Annealing furnace work:

Through the circulation of the inner-fan, the temperature distribution in the furnace chamber of the annealing furnace is even, and the two Chambers of the annealing furnace can operate independently, which improves the annealing efficiency. There are two inner-fans in each chamber. 

The temperature distributed evenly in the furnace due to the inner-fan circulation, and the microstructure of the Metal thin film is recombined through the heat treatment to improve the stability and transformation efficiency.

Heat the metal to about 950℃, and cool it properly after keep it constant temp for a while to eliminate the internal stress of metal casting and welding parts.

For iron and steel products after heating began to form the austenite temperature below 100 ~ 200℃, leave it air cooling, then could eliminate the internal stress.

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