Application of vacuum pressure casting machine

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Vacuum pressure casting is a casting process in which place metal in a vacuum chamber. And add argon or nitrogen to protect the metal to melt, pour and crystallize. This process is carried out on a vacuum pressure casting machine.

The structure of vacuum pressure casting machine

The machine has two sealed chambers.

The upper chamber is for metal smelting, which also need to be fitted with quartz liner, graphite crucible, thermoprobe, quartz lid, etc.

And then, the under sealing chamber connects with the vacuum pressure control device through the pipeline.

In addition, the machine adopts cooling system, plc control panel, pressurization system, vacuumizing system.

The advantages of vacuum pressure casting machine

Watsonmelt vacuum pressure casting machine adopts medium frequency power supply, excellent stability, low failure rate, max temperature can reach 1600℃.

This Watsonmelt equipment comes with an inbuilt Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) temperature controller. This automatically controls the whole system temperature once your operating parameters fully specified.

Metal melting time is fast, 3-5 minutes can melt a furnace, suitable for the melting of precious metals. Such as gold, K gold, silver, copper and its alloy melting casting. Because of its high quality and low loss. So that, it is the best choice for large and medium-sized thin-walled complex metal mold casting. With the vacuum casting machine the quality of your final product is guaranteed, to top it all only relatively small space is actually needed for installation, owing to its small and compact design.

Vacuum pressure casting is melting in the vacuum state, can reduce the gas content in the metal to the minimum, casting out almost no oxidation, no pores. Argon shield melting makes the metal more shiny and shiny. Under the pressure environment, the leakage type blanking ensures that the product injects the material in the fastest and best state, the casting workpiece has high filling degree and density, and better physical performance.

It is no exaggeration to say that this equipment is perfect in order to make up for the defects of the ordinary casting machine.

Watsonmelt provide the professional service and best quality in this market,

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