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The difference between die casting and lost wax casting process

DIE CASTING AND LOST WAX CASTING The two technologies belong to precision casting, which is quite different from each other. Die-casting is to pour the molten metal liquid into the steel mold on the die-casting machine, and then extruded and formed by the die-casting machine. The process is relatively simple and suitable for small non-ferrous […]

What kind of melting furnace is more suitable for jewelry store recovering gold

SMALL INDUCTION MELTING FURNACE At present, many gold stores offer precious metal recycling and trade-in services. On the one hand, as there are more and more gold jewelry styles on the market, people cannot keep up with the updating speed of jewelry styles. On the other hand, consumers want other kinds of jewelry, so they […]

Matters needing attention in operation of induction melting furnace

Melting metal spash

Induction melting furnace is an indispensable equipment in the processing of precious metals. So that, what should be paid attention to when operating the induction melting furnace? Three steps are required to operate the induction melting furnace. 1. Preparation before melting: Firstly, inspection of melting furnace. Including water cooling system, power cord, furnace and refractory lining, […]

Advantages of intermediate frequency induction melting furnace

medium frequency furnace image

MEDIUM FREQUENCY INDUCTION MELTING FURNACE Speaking of melting furnace, in the jewelry industry, the furnace used to melt the raw materials of jewelry is induction melting furnace. Induction melting furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, high degree of automation, energy conservation and environmental protection. According to the use of alternating current frequency can be […]

Application of dewaxing furnace in jewelry industry

dewaxing furnace image

Anyone who knows about the processing of gold jewelry knows that, after the designer designs the jewelry, the next step is to make the wax mold  according to the design. How to make the prototype of the gold jewelry match the wax mold exactly? This requires a dewaxing furnace. What are the specific steps of […]

Development of smelting technology:

development of smelting technology image

Development of smelting technology: Gold and silver were the first metals discovered by human beings, and also the development of smelting technology started from these two metals. Gold and silver metallurgy became popular around 2000 BC. After that, the ancient civilizations of China, India, Asia minor, Egypt, Greece and Rome successfully extracted and classified gold […]

Application of continuous casting machine

vacuum continuous casting image

In the process of precious metal processing, have you ever encounter the following situations?It is inevitable to encounter these problems in the traditional precious metal casting process: the material will oxidize, broken, the surface is not enough luster, and got porosity inside, etc. Unfortunately, in the traditional casting process will inevitably appear above circumstances. Each […]

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