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Development of smelting technology:

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Development of smelting technology: Gold and silver were the first metals discovered by human beings, and also the development of smelting technology started from these two metals. Gold and silver metallurgy became popular around 2000 BC. After that, the ancient civilizations of China, India, Asia minor, Egypt, Greece and Rome successfully extracted and classified gold […]

How to choose melting furnace

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Many people like to wear precious metal jewelry, such as bracelets,necklaces, rings, earrings and so on. The main metals used in jewelry are gold and platinum. To make precious metal jewelry, the first step is to melt the precious metal by melting furnace. There are a wide variety of melting furnace types on the market, we […]

Induction heating technique

Induction heating is a new heat up method compared with traditional electric current heating and flame heating. It is an advanced heating technology with high efficiency, energy saving, material saving, environmental protection and safety. So-called induction heating, is will be heated material in a high frequency alternating magnetic field (as in the annular coil of […]

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