Old Jewelry recycling You have to know about.

Old Jewelry recycling

Recently, the gold price fluctuates in a large range and goes up a lot. Many customers were asking Watsonmelt how to recycle old jewelry. What Watsonmelt wants to say is that you have to know something about a old jewelry recycling project before you do that.

Normally, the recovered gold could be resold. Ordinary small Jewelry shops do not have the melting technology, the recovery of gold is only to earn a price difference, recovered old jewelry is likely to be resold to other recycling operators, but this way will lose a lot of intermediate profits.

Here is the better way to handle old jewelry recycling:

1.The recovered gold we will could polish and go through more operations, then it could be resold in the market. Watsonmelt Electromagnetic polishing machine and ultrasonic cleaners can be perfect to handle it. With high efficiency and zero impact on people, and can be directly left it in the shop operation. After polishing and ultrasonic cleaning, the jewelry is as bright as new jewelry and can be sold to consumers as new gold jewelry. The Characteristics of gold do not reduce its weight due to the change in time, because it is so dense that even the recycled products do not differ too much in grams, so it can still be sold at a good price after recycling.

2.The recovered old jewelry will be molten and reproduce by the Induction melting furnace, and this way to melt and reproduce the old jewelry is generally operated by professional Jewelry producers. The Manufacturers might need the induction melting machine, Gold ingot molding machine, vacuum casting machine, etc. Watsonmelt equipment will greatly reduce the oxidation and loss of precious metals in the melting production process. After the factory through the Pan Asian Gold Exchange(Or other gold exchange organization) to trade. Next wholesale to the shop and then sell to ordinary consumers.

Few points of Precious metal recycling have to pay attention:

Before the old jewelry recycling, another important task is to check out the content of the Jewelry, and then classify the old jewelry according to its different content and metal. Just like when we go to buy gold jewelry, the clerk will say that the gold is 24K. Meaning that gold content in the jewelry is the highest, of course the price is higher. Low gold content of the price is cheaper. In order not to lose money or recover fake gold, we need to know the Precious metal content data accurately. An X-ray Precious metal testing machine can solve this problem. The X-ray Precious metal testing machine can measure the gold content accurately within 2 minutes. And it can be directly placed on the store counter in front of customers. Greatly simplified trading procedures and efficient handling of recycling issues.

After the classification of precious metal, it needs to be weighed. Because it is calculated money by the gram, the weighing aspect also can’t be careless. Must use the precision instrument to weigh.It’s best to be accurate to two decimal places.

After the recovered gold has been summed up and weighed, the next step is the process of refurbishing or remelting it. The amount and weight of gold should be accurate. Fair to both buyers and sellers.

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