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The difference between die casting and lost wax casting process

DIE CASTING AND LOST WAX CASTING The two technologies belong to precision casting, which is quite different from each other. Die-casting is to pour the molten metal liquid into the steel mold on the die-casting machine, and then extruded and formed by the die-casting machine. The process is relatively simple and suitable for small non-ferrous metal pieces with low melting point. In a nutshell, wax loss casting is to make the wax mold first, then make the shell on the wax mold. Then melt the wax mold. And finally pour the metal liquid into the empty shell after the wax mold melt. Then wait for the metal solidify and form. This complex process is suitable for small and medium sized castings of various alloys. So, what’s the difference between die casting and lost wax casting? 1. Cost of production: Die casting: The biggest disadvantage of die casting is its high cost. Die casting machines and moulds and mould-related components are more expensive than other casting methods. Therefore, it is economical to produce large quantities of products when making die castings. Lost wax casting: The input of lost wax casting is small.

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Jewelry recycling

What kind of melting furnace is more suitable for jewelry store recovering gold

SMALL INDUCTION MELTING FURNACE At present, many gold stores offer precious metal recycling and trade-in services. On the one hand, as there are more and more gold jewelry styles on the market, people cannot keep up with the updating speed of jewelry styles. On the other hand, consumers want other kinds of jewelry, so they will go to gold stores to recycle and buy. The gold recovery steps in the market is generally weighing – melting – cleaning – detection of color – weigh. And finally calculate the amount of repurchase. In the process of gold melting, many gold shops will use a high temperature flamer, which is actually very dangerous. Because the flamer will produce open flames, metal liquid is easy to splash, very unsafe. With the development of technology, induction melting furnace has made up for the shortcomings of high temperature flamer. Especially the appearance of small size induction melting furnace. It has the advantages of small size  safety, speed, and so on, very suitable for gold shops. Watsonmelt brand mini gold melting furnace and desktop melting furnace. Features & Benefits of small induction melting furnace: Firstly, the Desktop Mini Gold Melting Furnace

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Application of vacuum pressure casting machine

Vacuum pressure casting is a casting process in which place metal in a vacuum chamber. And add argon or nitrogen to protect the metal to melt, pour and crystallize. This process is carried out on a vacuum pressure casting machine. The structure of vacuum pressure casting machine The machine has two sealed chambers. The upper chamber is for metal smelting, which also need to be fitted with quartz liner, graphite crucible, thermoprobe, quartz lid, etc. And then, the under sealing chamber connects with the vacuum pressure control device through the pipeline. In addition, the machine adopts cooling system, plc control panel, pressurization system, vacuumizing system. The advantages of vacuum pressure casting machine Watsonmelt vacuum pressure casting machine adopts medium frequency power supply, excellent stability, low failure rate, max temperature can reach 1600℃. This Watsonmelt equipment comes with an inbuilt Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) temperature controller. This automatically controls the whole system temperature once your operating parameters fully specified. Metal melting time is fast, 3-5 minutes can melt a furnace, suitable for the melting of precious metals. Such as gold, K gold, silver, copper and its alloy melting casting. Because

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Melting metal spash
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Matters needing attention in operation of induction melting furnace

Induction melting furnace is an indispensable equipment in the processing of precious metals. So that, what should be paid attention to when operating the induction melting furnace? Three steps are required to operate the induction melting furnace. 1. Preparation before melting: Firstly, inspection of melting furnace. Including water cooling system, power cord, furnace and refractory lining, control system, inductor, voltage; Secondly, inspection of the smelting site. Keep the smelting site clean and tidy without inflammable and explosive materials. And then, equipped with appropriate fire-fighting measures; Thirdly, operators should wear thermal protective overalls, shoes, gloves and protective glasses; Finally, the material to be smelted is of good quality. 2. Melting operation process: According to the melting material is different, set the corresponding melting temperature. To avoid the melting temperature is too high, otherwise, resulting in the material boiling, splashing; The melting capacity must not exceed the rated value of the furnace. Cut off the power and stop melting when the furnace is leaking; If there is a power failure in the melting process, pour out the metal in the crucible. 3. Inspection after smelting: Take out the crucible after the smelting. Do not shut

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medium frequency furnace image
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Advantages of intermediate frequency induction melting furnace

MEDIUM FREQUENCY INDUCTION MELTING FURNACE Speaking of melting furnace, in the jewelry industry, the furnace used to melt the raw materials of jewelry is induction melting furnace. Induction melting furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, high degree of automation, energy conservation and environmental protection. According to the use of alternating current frequency can be divided into: industrial frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace and high frequency furnace. The difference between medium frequency furnace and high frequency furnace: The frequency of alternating current used is different. Medium frequency furnace is a power supply device that converts the industrial frequency from 50HZ alternating current to intermediate frequency (from 300HZ to 1000HZ). The frequency of current is between 100 and 500 KHZ in a high frequency furnace The higher the frequency, the lower the diathermy capacity; The effective hardening depth of intermediate frequency furnace is 2 to 10 mm. And the main application range is the parts requiring deeper hardening layer; Accordingly, the effective hardening depth of high frequency furnace is between 0.5 and 2 mm; Intermediate frequency furnace is suitable for melting various metals from 5 kg to 60 tons; And then the high frequency induction heating

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Graphite Crucible image
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Application of graphite crucible

WASTONMELT graphite crucible is made of special high purity, high strength and high density material, which is used for smelting, melting and casting copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, gold, silver and various rare metals. Instruction for use: 1.  Place the graphite crucible in a dry place after use, and avoid the invasion of rain by all means; Slowly bake to 5000C before use; 2. should be according to the capacity of the crucible feeding, avoid too tight squeeze, so as to avoid the metal thermal expansion bursting crucible; 3. When taking out the molten metal, it is better to scoop it out with a spoon, and use calipers as little as possible. If using calipers and other tools should be consistent with the shape of the crucible, to avoid excessive local force and shorten the service life; 4. The service life of crucible is related to its usage. Avoiding strong oxidation flame directly spay onto the crucible , so as to shorten the oxidation life of crucible raw materials; Graphite crucible characteristics: 1. Due to low investment, the price of graphite crucible is about 40% lower than that of similar furnaces; 2. Low energy consumption. Due

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dewaxing furnace image
Jewelry Line casting solutions

Application of dewaxing furnace in jewelry industry

Anyone who knows about the processing of gold jewelry knows that, after the designer designs the jewelry, the next step is to make the wax mold  according to the design. How to make the prototype of the gold jewelry match the wax mold exactly? This requires a dewaxing furnace. What are the specific steps of dewaxing? After the wax mold is made, the gypsum powder is changed into gypsum slurry by a vacuum mixer. And then, pour the gypsum liquid into the steel cylinder with wax tree mold, place the cylinder into dewaxing furnace. Set the furnace temperature to 120-150℃ for dewaxing, and then raise the temperature to 650-800℃ for completely burnout the wax attached to the gypsum surface. Place the plaster mold into the casting machine, wait for the gold liquid to cool. In the end, dissolve the plaster mold in water, after polishing, you can get the finished product. In a word, the furnace is an indispensable equipment in the process of jewelry casting. What else can you do with dewaxing furnace it is not only used for dewaxing, but also for ceramic sinter, other metal processing etc;

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Precious Metal Smelting solutions

Development of smelting technology:

Development of smelting technology: Gold and silver were the first metals discovered by human beings, and also the development of smelting technology started from these two metals. Gold and silver metallurgy became popular around 2000 BC. After that, the ancient civilizations of China, India, Asia minor, Egypt, Greece and Rome successfully extracted and classified gold and silver from oxidized ore and primary ore. In addition, since ancient times, people have been smelting metals, melting raw meterials metals into liquids and making all kinds of tools and ornaments. At first, people built sealed furnace, put metal into the furnace. And then heated the metal by fire to melt it. That was the beginning of smelting technology development. Due to the widespread use of electric power resources, smelting technology has also been significantly improved, so that a variety of electric heating furnace came into being. And also there is one thing changed the history of smelting technology development. In 1920, Americans invented and built the high frequency induction furnace. So that, this technique has become the most popular smelting technique of precious metals. Why  induction melting technology become the main way of

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Jewelry Line casting solutions

Application of continuous casting machine

In the process of precious metal processing, have you ever encounter the following situations?It is inevitable to encounter these problems in the traditional precious metal casting process: the material will oxidize, broken, the surface is not enough luster, and got porosity inside, etc. Unfortunately, in the traditional casting process will inevitably appear above circumstances. Each process of casting has to control by an experienced master. So is there a simple way to solve the various situations of the casting process? Now with the WATSONMELT vacuum continuous casting machine, all the above problems can be easily solved This vacuum continuous casting machine comes with melting and casting. Once put in the material you want, you can simply cast high-density gold, K-gold, silver, copper plate, pipe, round rod, hollow tube etc. In addition, it comes with automatic mixing device, therefore to ensure the uniformity of the material. In the meanwhile, using vacuum pressure and gas protection device to make the surface of products bright, no pores, no oxidation, to minimize the loss. After simple training, the operator can operate more than one equipment The principle of vacuum continuous casting Continuous casting is

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The process of gold jewelry

From ancient times to the present, we are very enthusiastic about gold jewelry. And the exquisite details of gold jewelry fully demonstrate its craftsmanship. So what’s the process of making a piece of gold jewelry? What are the common gold jewelry processing techniques? Certainly, gold jewelry is a precious metal jewelry made from (unwrought) gold. K gold jewelry is made of (unwrought) gold and (unwrought silver) filler in proportion; K gold inlay jewelry is a kind of precious metal jewelry made of K gold (unwrought) and other inlay materials such as diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones and pearls used in jewelry. The main products are: rings, earrings, pendant, necklace, brooch, etc. General processing process of gold jewelry: melting gold → casting → polishing → mold modify → calendering → engraving →QC(quality control)→ finished product. ——Melting gold: in the first place, mainly use the induction melting furnace to heat the raw gold in the quartz crucible, melts into the material suitable for processing. ——Casting: secondarily, using high or medium cycle centrifugal casting machine to melt the golden ingredients and then pour them into the plaster mold to cast the casting. ——Polishing: thirdly, use a magnetic polisher to make the

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What industries need watsonmelt machine?

The involved industries could be the metal melting process for casting, including steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, lead, tin, some alloy and so on.The heat treatment process including metal brazing, metal rods or bars through heating for forging, metal bending, metal quenching etc.

how to ensure the machine safety in transit?

The machine we shipped out with the wooden support, it could protect the machine well.

Does the chiller have to installed?

The installation of the chiller depends on the frequency of machine using. If frequently used, watsonmelt recommend to install the chiller, could extend the life of the machine. If used occasionally, then it’s unnecessary

What is the voltage required for your equipment?


As our IGBT power machines, the basic requirement is 3 phase 340V~420V 50/60Hz. The power supply also could be customized to match your local voltage. But needs the rectifier transformer to be equipped with it. For customizing the transformer, the parameter of primary high voltage in your place need be clear .Our workers can solve your the problem of transformer supply.


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