Solutions of precious Metal smelting

Solutions of Precious Metal smelting

Investigation analysis of precious metal smelting mine:

The traditional way of smelting would produce a large amount of exhaust gas, during the precious metal smelting process, which was violated the national policy of low carbon and environmental protection.

Besides, the traditional way took much longer time in smelting process, the preheating slower, operation time longer. According to the survey, 85% of the Precious metal mine lost 0.12% of their daily production. That’s an unnecessary loss. Then how did the gold disappear? Why does precious metal decrease during the production process

Few reasons as below:

When the metal is melting, the molten metal may penetrate into the gap of the furnace lining due to the static pressure, results in local melting of the high temperature zone, so that the metal loss in slag increases. During the smelting of precious metals, the temperature is too high or power is too large, temperature beyond melting point of precious metals, precious metals volatilization, resulting in losses.

In addition, the machinery mixed with the slag, as well as spatter and so on also cause metal loss. Personnel operation mistake, it’s the most important part, the gold liquid splash, might cause worker injuries and gold losses.

Melting metal spash

According to the investigation, 

Most of country gold ingots are directly traded from metal smelters, gold mines used the traditional smelting furnace directly poured into the graphite tank, this kind of rough production method, subsequent waste a lot of manpower and material resources for its finishing.

In order to improve the quality, weight accuracy, beauty and production capacity of gold ingots, Watsonmelt Jewelry Equipment has reformed the casting method of gold ingots –  precious metal smelting.

Making the molding Gold ingots of better quality in all aspects, the main equipment is the Vacuum ingot Molding machine series, It’s in an important position in the field of precious metal smelting and ingot casting

Solutions of Precious metal (gold) smelting: 

High-frequency melting furnace—Vacuum Ingot Casting machine—Chiller—vacuum pump

Equipment No.1 : High-frequency melting furnace


Watsonmelt Jewelry Equipment’s Melting furnace is to melt, purify and cast the precious metal by induction heating up the graphite crucible, used for smelting gold, silver, copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, aluminum and other metals. The highest temperature of furnace can reach 1600 degrees. Melting furnace is one of the Casting production process, it can directly melt ores or other gold-materials into pure metal.

Equipment No.2: Vacuum Ingot Casting Machine


Watsonmelt Vacuum Ingot Casting Machine is specially designed for casting high quality gold bars, using vacuum molding casting chamber, gold ingot of various sizes.

The machine can be used for casting 4pcs 1kg gold ingots (it can also hold a single 15kg bar). And can produce different specifications within 1 kg gold plate, gold bullion, gold and silver ingots, silver bar, with the Mirror effect surface. We could also customized the greater Casting machine, vacuum forming casting not only make the crucible is more durable, more complete solution to gold and silver ingot to contract, oxidation, water ripple and irregular flat phenomenon.

The gold ingots made by our machine have bright mirror surface, imporosity and Protection from oxidation.

Equipment 3: Watsonmelt Chiller


1. The cooling temperature ranges from 3°C to 35°C.

2. Stainless insulated water tank, anti-icing type protection device.

3. The refrigerant adopts R22, with better refrigeration effect.

4. High and low voltage switch control for refrigeration circuit.

5. The compressor and pump with overload protected.

6. The heat exchange of shell and tube condenser and evaporator are faster, and the cooling effects are better.

Equipment No.4: Vacuum pump


Watsonmelt Vacuum pump is used in conjunction with the Vacuum Ingot Casting Machine. Its function is to pump out the air in the sealed casting chamber, when the ingot casting machine casts precious metal smelting, so that the quality density of finished products increases.

Use the Vacuum Ingot Casting Machine series to cast gold ingot, the quality of gold ingot does not oxidize, no-shrink, the shape is uniform and no water ripple and other problems. Vacuum ingot casting machine work with seal and vacuum environment, it provide the highest degree of protection for the workers.

Optional Equipment:Voltage regulator


It could regulate the voltage when your local voltage does not suit with the machine needy. Stability current could extend the machine life also.

Why choose watsonmelt? Few point as below:

1. Compared with the traditional smelting and pouring gold ingots, it can save about 68% in both labor and time. Guaranteed to significantly reduce power consumption, casting ingot faster 1 hour, save time, and your production efficiency will be improved.

2.Reduce precious metal loss by more than 99.9%.

3.Safety was considered to be a key factor when designing this bar casting equipment. Complete alarm system, each machine with its own self – check protection function. They can detect any slight deviation from the working conditions of the process. For example, the machine could easily detected and stopped in case of system overpressure or insufficient water supply. Ensure the safety of personnel.

4.The quality of gold ingots is improved. The series of vacuum gold ingots casting machines are operated under vacuum conditions. Completely isolated flame operation. Thus eliminate the finished surface of the ripple and prevent oxidation. No feed-metal loss, no oxidation, no ripple is our commitment.

5. With the vacuum ingot casting series equipment, you do not worry about the quality of the finished products, as the machine is designed based on the LMBA trading standards. Bullion quality is approved for use in the London bullion association market.

6. For easy installation, the series equipment of the vacuum ingot casting machine is also equipped with instructions video, test running video.

7. This gold ingot making machine is equipped with PLC control system, which is responsible for all your casting operation. You only need a simple operation, the controller will automatically handle, you can achieve precious metal smelting and casting. One person can complete all operations of the entire casting line.

8.Compared with traditional ingot casting methods, watsonmelt vacuum bar casting machines can be operated without polluting the environment (operating under vacuum conditions). The machines are equipped with the latest green technology in the gold bar industry. The technology prevents pollution by ensuring that all pollutants come into contact with the atmosphere and get trapped.


Watsonmelt provide the professional service and best quality in this market,

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