What kind of melting furnace is more suitable for jewelry store recovering gold


At present, many gold stores offer precious metal recycling and trade-in services. On the one hand, as there are more and more gold jewelry styles on the market, people cannot keep up with the updating speed of jewelry styles. On the other hand, consumers want other kinds of jewelry, so they will go to gold stores to recycle and buy.

The gold recovery steps in the market is generally weighing – melting – cleaning – detection of color – weigh. And finally calculate the amount of repurchase.

In the process of gold melting, many gold shops will use a high temperature flamer, which is actually very dangerous. Because the flamer will produce open flames, metal liquid is easy to splash, very unsafe.

With the development of technology, induction melting furnace has made up for the shortcomings of high temperature flamer.

Especially the appearance of small size induction melting furnace. It has the advantages of small size  safety, speed, and so on, very suitable for gold shops.

Watsonmelt brand mini gold melting furnace and desktop melting furnace.

melting furnace image

Features & Benefits of small induction melting furnace:

  • Firstly, the Desktop Mini Gold Melting Furnace takes a minimum of 3 minutes to melt a batch of 3 kilograms of any precious metal. This sums up to producing approximately 25kg of gold in an hour.
  • This melting furnace can work for 24 hour none stop, at the same providing you with excellent services and efficient gold melting process.
  • The latest IGBT induction technology, which speeds up your melting process. This equipment comes with environment-friendly technology inbuilt, no more harmful gas emission.
  • In addition, it comes with video tutorials and installation guide. This makes installation on other operations very simple and easy to go about.
  • Simple structure, therefore, easy to operate, stable, easy maintenance. Light weigh, small-size design as compared with other furnaces that takes a lot of space.

Watsonmelt provide the professional service and best quality in this market,
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